World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Our Story

WWOOF South Africa is a Non Profit Organisation founded in November 2012 which supports the WWOOF principles and aims nationally for South Africa.

WWOOF has had a presence in South Africa for some years through WWOOF Independents which is the organisation that represents countries who don't have a national WWOOF. This rich heritage gives us a great platform to introduce the national branch of WWOOF South Africa.

WWOOF SA is now featured on the WWOOF listings. We want you to be a part of this exciting and Proudly South African initiative.

How WWOOF International Began

Sue Coppard

During the English autumn of 1971, Sue Coppard longed for the countryside. Being a secretary in London, she recognised the need to provide access to the countryside for people like herself who did not otherwise have the means or the opportunity, and who were keen to support the organic movement.

Her idea originally called Working Weekends on Organic Farms started with a trial working weekend which was a great success. WWOOF UK developed quickly and the organisation adapted its systems to meet the needs of WWOOFers (volunteers) and hosts. Now there are autonomous WWOOF organisations in many countries who all have their own individual ways of organising themselves but basically have similar membership charges, publish a host list and newsletters. Hosts in countries without a national group are listed by WWOOF Independents.

WWOOF is also now recognised as having an important contribution to make in the wider organic world as it brings more and more people into direct contact with organic growers both independently and through other organisations who are trying to influence policy and consumer demand. Through its newsletters WWOOF organisations inform their members of organic news, views, jobs and training. WWOOF is still growing and 'to wwoof' has entered languages in its own right.

WWOOFers have given 1000's of hours of help to organic growers and WWOOF hosts have given their time and experience to WWOOFers and opened the door to a way of living that has fundamentally changed people's lives. WWOOF demonstrates just what can be achieved through genuine democratic co-operation and a subscription low enough to ensure inclusion of anyone who wants to join.